Thai Actors Gain More Attention For Their Characters In New TV Dramas

Various Thai TV dramas are broadcasting on the television with the performance of talented actors and actresses.

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1. Min Pechaya

Min Pechaya gets very great feedback from the audiences for twin characters in a TV drama ‘Song Naree’. The viewers say that her acting in this drama is great.

2. Namtarn Pichukkana

Namtarn Pichukkana played two different characters in a TV drama ‘Likit Haeng Jun’ and also gets good feedback from audiences.

3. Sky Wongravee

Sky Wongravee plays ‘Chalarm’ in a TV drama ‘My Ambulance’ alongside Sunny Suwanmethanont and Mai Davika. His acting in this drama is so lovely and he also has great chemistry with Mai Davika.

Photo: p_namtarn | skywongravee | minpechaya

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