Thai Actors Give An Interview With Reporters About Their Current News

In recent days, Boy Pakorn, Nine Naphat, and Mo Monchanok attend the event and give an interview with reporters about their current news.

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1. Nine Naphat

A handsome actor reveals that he will have the first fan meeting in Vietnam on 10 August 2019. It’s the first fan meeting in other countries for him.

2. Mo Monchanok

A beautiful actress says that there is not much change after she moves to work under Thai TV3. She likes playing a TV drama and accepts it all if she gets that great opportunity.

Mo Monchanok adds that her love with Hi-So Katha is good now.

3. Boy Pakorn

The actor says that between him and Chippy Sirin are actually just a brother and sister. They’re close and sometimes discuss with each other.

Photo: naphat_nine | boy_pakorn | mo_monchanok

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