Thai actors that love growing plants

Here is a list of Thai actors that love growing plants.

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Nadech Kugimiya

Like his girlfriend Yaya Urasaya, Nadech Kugimiya loves growing plants at home.

Ken Phupoom

A handsome actor Ken Phupoom has more than 300 plants now.

Alex Rendell

Alex Rendell loves nature and plants so much. He always uploads his photos with nature and plants on the official Instagram.

Mario Maurer

Most people don’t know that he loves growing plants. But, he actually loves it so much.

Lately, he makes a vlog video when he goes to the market and buys plants.

Mik Thongraya

A handsome actor Mik Thongraya loves growing plants at home. Sometimes, he shares his photos taken with his plants on Instagram.

Weir Sukollawat

Alek Teeradetch

Mark Prin

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