Thai Actors Who Earned ‘Nation’s Husband’ Titles From The Audiences

Earning the title ‘Nation’s Husband’ is the biggest honor for Thai actors. Here are 16 Thai actors including in the list.

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1. Pope Thanawat

The actor got this title after he played in a big hit TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’ with Bella Ranee.

2. Film Thanapat

He becomes a hot actor and earns this title when he plays a TV drama ‘Mia 2018’ with Bee Namthip.

3. Weir Sukollawat

Weir Sukollawat got this title for a long time and most of his dramas get great feedback from the audiences.

Other actors, who earned ‘Nation’s Husband’ titles, are Sean Jindachot, Tik Jesdaporn, Nine Naphat, James Ma, Kan Kantathavorn, Jao Naay, James Jirayu, Nadech Kugimiya, Pong Nawat, Ken Theeradeth, Kong Saharat, Mario Maurer, and Ice Paris.

Photo: jirayu_jj | weir19 | film.thanapat

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