Thai Actors Who Have Various TV Dramas This Year

3 Rising Thai actor who have various TV dramas this year and play a couple with talented and beautiful actresses.

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Kem Hussawee

A rising Thai Channel 7 actor is filming 2 new dramas ‘So Wayree’ with Mookda Narinrak and ‘Tawan Arb Dao’ with Thisa Varitthisa.

According to the source, he will have another new TV drama ‘Dtagrut Ton’ with Noey Paphada.

Film Thanapat

The actor is now popular and filming 2 new TV dramas ‘Chun Cheu Bussaba’ with Bee Namthip and ‘Ruk Lek Pop’ with Vill Wannarot.

Toey Pongsakorn

A handsome actor has 2 new TV dramas ‘Fah Fak Ruk’ with Mint Chalida and ‘Kwam Song Jum See Jang’ with Toey Jarinporn. He is scheduled to play a new TV drama with his best co-star Cheer Thikumporn for a TV drama producer Nong Arunosha in 2020.

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