Thai actresses who admire Aum Patchrapa

Here is a list of Thai actresses who admire a superstar Aum Patchrapa.

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Pooklook Fonthip

Pooklook Fonthip is in the same group of friends as Aum Patchrapa. She admires her senior actress for a long time.

Taew Natapohn

Photo: IG taewaew_natapohn

In July 2020, Taew Natapohn uploaded her photo with Aum Patchrapa and wrote, “I’ve met the angel”.

Yaya Urassaya

Yaya Urassaya and Aum Patchrapa admire each other.

Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas

In 2018, Kimmy Kimberley worked with Aum Patchrapa at the event. The actress revealed that she was so pleased working with her senior actress.

Min Pechaya

Aum Patchrapa is Min Pechaya’s favorite actress. In 2018, she took the photo with her senior actress and shared it on her official Instagram.

Margie Rasri

In 2018, Margie Rasri met Aum Patchrapa by chance at the shopping mall. She took the photo with her senior actress and said that she was always excited when she met Aum Patchrapa.

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