4 Thai Actresses Who Love Their Cats More Than Anything

As you see in the Instagram photos, several Thai actresses are falling in love with their pets. They share their photos with the adorable dogs or cats so often. Today, we will show you 4 Thai actresses who love their cats more than anything.

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1. Mint Chalida

She has a Persian cat with long-haired named Elena. The actress always buys foods, toys, clothes, houses for her.

2. Chippy Sirin

She buys a condominium and lives with her 2 cats named Winter and Chocker.

3. Jakjaan Akhamsiri

The actress has 5 cats including Junior, Jeng, Jiew Jiew, Poh Kaew, and Jao Look Chin Ping.

4. Cheribelle Lanlalin

Cheribelle has a Persian cat named Dot Torn and another one is a Thai cat.

Photo: mint_chalida | jaakjan_akhamsiri | sirinissirin


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