7 Thai Actresses With Their Last TV Dramas Before Leaving Thai Channel 7

Every year, Thai Channel 7 actresses decide to leave the channel after their contracts have expired and become freelance celebrities or sign with other channels.

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We will show you 7 Thai famous actresses with their last TV dramas before leaving the channel.

1. Chompoo Araya

She has many popular TV dramas but her last TV drama with Thai Channel 7 was ‘Dao Peuan Din’, which she played as Nang Rai.

2. Nune Woranuch

The actress is a queen of TV drama. Her last TV drama with the channel was ‘Sen Tai Salai Sode’ in 2011. This year, she is back to play a TV drama for Thai channel 7 with a new drama ‘Plerng Sanaeha.

3. Pancake Khemanit

Before, she was a top actress of Thai Channel 7. Her last drama with the channel was ‘Ruk Rae’ playing a couple with Om Akapan in 2015 – 2016.

4. Poo Praya Lundberg

Before leaving the channel, Poo played a TV drama ‘Khon La Lok’ with Cee Siwat in 2015.

5. Mai Davika

Many people surprised when she left the channel. Her last drama with Thai channel 7 was ‘Nang Chada’, which got great feedback and high viewership ratings.

6. Pooklook Fonthip

The actress just left the channel and signed a new contract with PPTV instead. Her last drama ‘Nang Thip’ playing with Om Akapan and Min Pechaya was aired in late 2018.

7. Kwan Usamanee

She left the channel at the same time with Pooklook Fonthip. Her last drama ‘Fai Hima’ to air soon on Thai channel 7 after a TV drama ‘Pachara Montra’ finishes airing.

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