Thai Actresses Who Get Much Love From Fans And Other People

Besides the great acting skill, most Thai actresses are friendly, lovely, and gentle to their fans, that’s why they get much love from those people.

Not only fans but some of them also receive big support from other celebrities and people around them.

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Today we will show you the list of 10 Thai actresses who get much love from fans and other people below.

1. Aum Patchrapa

2. Anne Thongprasom

3. Aff Taksaorn

4. Yaya Urassaya

5. Taew Natapohn

6. Yui Chiranan

7. Mew Nittha

8. Cherry Khemupsorn

9. Nune Woranuch

10. Pat Napapa and many others

Who do you love the most?

Photo: aff_taksaorn | aum_patchrapa | taewaew_natapohn

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