Thai Actresses Who Have Mothers As Their Managers

Most Thai actresses have their own managers to take care of them when they go to film TV drama, movie, or commercial, but these Thai actresses always go to work everywhere with their mothers.

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1. Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

Mae Pla controls the schedule for Yaya Urassaya since she just starts working in the entertainment industry.

2. Esther Supreeeleela

Khun Mae Carney always goes everywhere with Esther Supreeleela.

3. Mint Chalida

Some people don’t know that Khun Mae May is a manager of Mint Chalida. She always takes care of the actress when she goes to work.

Other Thai actresses, who have their mothers as managers are Pancake Khemanit, Tubtim Anyarin, Vill Wannarot, Mew Nittha, Taew Natapohn, Kwan Usamanee, and Pinky Savika.

Photo: urassayas | esthersupree | mint_chalida

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