Thai Actresses Who Married Millionaires or Billionaires

7 beautiful Thai actresses who married millionaires or billionaires and have happy families.

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1. Nune Woranuch

Nune Woranuch got married to Todd Piti in 2009. They met each other because his company sponsored for a beauty pageant contest which she was a host.

2. Aimee Morakot

Amiee got married to James Jirayuth in 2015. They have a son now.

3. Ning Panita

Ning Panita tied a knot with Jin Jarin on 19 December 2011. She has a lovely daughter named Nong Nirin.

4. Noey Chotika

A beautiful actress and her handsome boyfriend Arm Maneechy tied a knot on 03 September 2016. Noey Chotika has a lovely son named Nong Akin.

5. Chompoo Araya

She got married to Nott Vitsarut on 10 May 2015. Chompoo Araya got twin baby boys now.

6. Tak Bongkod

The actress got married to Chao Sua Boon Chai on 28 March 2013.

7. Margie Rasri

Margie Rasri tied a knot with Pok Passakorn on 24 December 2017. They also have twin babies.

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