Thai Female Celebrities Who Are 158 Centimeters Or Shorter!

The list contains the beautiful Thai female celebrities who are 158 centimeters or shorter.

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Take a look at this list below.

1. Air Phantila (152 centimeters)

Air Phantila, 32, is a TV show host and Thai actress.

2. Aom Sushar (154 centimeters)

Aom, 31, is a cute actress who is well-known after playing a big hit movie ‘Yes or No’.

3. Lydia Sarunrat (154 centimeters)

Lydia, 32, is a popular singer with R & B songs.

4. Gubgib Sumonthip (155 centimeters)

Gubgib, 30, is coming back with a new TV drama ‘My Love From Another Star’ with Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee.

5. Bebe Thanchanok (156 centimeters)

Bebe, 32, is a beautiful actress.

6. Bitoey RSIAM (157 centimeters)

Bitoey, 32, is a popular singer in Thailand.

7. Toey Jarinporn (157 centimeters)

Toey, 29, is the top actress under Thai TV3. She is in a relationship with a handsome actor Alek Teeradetch.

8. Fon Sananthachat (157 centimeters)

Fon, 25, is a talented actress under Nado Bangkok.

9. Gybzy Wanida (158 centimeters)

Gybzy, 35, is a singer turns actress.

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