Thai Actresses That Amazed Us With Their Singing Ability

Thai actresses that amazed us with their singing ability in the great songs.

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1. Taew Natapohn

On 04 July 2019, GMM Grammy Official YouTube released a new song ‘Kid Teung Tao Rai’ by Two Popetorn featuring with a talented actress Taew Natapohn.

2. Yaya Urassaya

A talented and beautiful Yaya Urassaya showed her ability in singing and dancing in a popular song ‘Make It Happen’ with Daboyway in 2017.

3. Mook Worranit

Mook Worranit showed her singing skill with a sweet voice in a new song ‘Your Answer’ which released on 30 May 2019.

Photo: mookworranit | urassayas | taewaew_natapohn

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