Thai actresses who are sisters-in-law

Here are Thai actresses who are sisters-in-law.

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Nus Nusba and Kob Suvanant

Nus Nusba tied the knot with Puttipong Punnakanta and has 2 sons.

Kob Suvanant married to Brook Danuporn, who is a little brother of Puttipong.

The actress has a daughter and a son.

Benz Pornchita and Vicky Sunisa

Photo: IG sunisajett, mickbaromvudh, janesuda, kaechollada, kob_nada_nadol, nusbapunnakanta

Vicky Sunisa married to Chai Chatayodom in 2012. The actress has a son and is pregnant with her second child.

Benz Pornchita tied the knot with Mick Baromvudh, who is a little brother of Chai Chatayodom.

She has 2 daughters and is pregnant with her third child.

Chonrada Makratree and Jane Janesuda

The husbands of these two beautiful Thai female celebrities are brothers.


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