6 Thai Actresses Who Are Friends For Many Years

As normal people, Thai actresses have their best friends who are together for many years. Below, you’ll see 6 Thai actresses who have known each other for over 8 years.

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1. Anne Thongprasom and Nat Myria

Anne Thongprasom and Nat Myria become friends since they start working in the Thai entertainment industry. Now they’re friends for 28 years.

2. Aum Patchrapa and May Fuangarom

Both actresses are close for over 10 years. When having free time, they always travel with other friends to other countries and have a good time all together.

3. Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas and Yaya Urassaya

They know each other when playing a big hit TV series ‘4 Hujai Haeng Khon Kao’ together. Now they’re best friends for over 9 years.

Photo: urassayas | mayfuang | annethong


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