Thai actresses reveal that they’re single

3 Thai actresses reveal that they’re currently single.

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Chippy Sirin

Photo: IG sirinissirin, baifernbah, dianaflipo

Lately, Chippy Sirin joins the TV show ‘Tee Tai Kru’ and reveals that she is single. After she broke up with Antoine Pinto, the actress doesn’t have a new boyfriend.

Baifern Pimchanok

Baifern Pimchanok attended the show ‘The Driver’ on August 06, 2020. The actress reveals that she is still single.

She adds that she now works every day and has no time.

Diana Flipo

Interviewing with reporters at the opening ceremony of the new TV drama “Help Me….Khun Pee Chuay Duay”, Diana Flipo admits that she is single.

The actress adds that her mother also asks her about it.

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