11 Thai Celebrity Parents Who Have Twin Children

Having twin children is a great thing for parents because they enjoy their babies playing with each other and sleeping side by side.

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Let check the list of celebrities who have twin children below:

1. Pok Passakorn and Margie Rasri

2. Chompoo Araya and Nott Vitsarut (Nong Saifah and Payu)

3. Aok Smith and Opal Panissara (Nong Alin and Alan)

4. Way Thaitanium and Nana Rybena (Nong Bena and Brooklyn)

5. Buachompoo Ford (Nong Mark and Mao)

6. Singto Numchok (Nong Kenne and Caleo)

7. Sutita Gatetanon (Nong Luke and Simon)

8. Bob Natee (Nong Push and Prom)

9. M-Apinan (Nong Chana and Chanin)

10. Joker Noppachai (Nong Bitoey and Bitong)

11. Tua Saranyoo (Looknoon and Looknang)

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