Thai Channel 7 Announces 4 New TV Dramas That Will Be Produced Soon

On 04 July 2019, the official Facebook page Ch7 HD Drama Society announces that the channel to produce 4 new TV dramas.

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1. Talay Deard

It’s the third time for Louis Hesse d’Alzon and Tubtime Anyarin to play a couple. They used to work together in a TV drama ‘Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah’ in 2014 and ‘Chat Lum Chi’ in 2018.

2. Prom Pitsawat

Kitkong Khamkrith and Pim Pimprapa to be the leading actor and actress for this new TV drama.

3. So Wayree

It’s the first time for Kem Hussawee to play a couple with Mookda Narinrak in the TV drama.

4. Khon Neur Khon

Euro Yotsawat and Noey Paphada to take the leading roles for this drama.

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