3 Interesting Thai Channel 8 TV Dramas In 2020

The following are 3 interesting Thai channel 8 TV dramas in 2020.

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Ruen Sai Sawat

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‘Ruen Sai Sawat’ stars many talented actresses including Katreeya English, Yard Yardthip, Jakjaan Akhamsiri, and more.


Another interesting TV drama is ‘Raeya’ starring New Wongsakorn and Ploy Chermarn. According to the source, that’s the season 2 of a popular TV drama ‘Dok Som See Thong’ which Chompoo Araya played the leading role in 2011.

Poot Ratikarn


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‘Poot Ratikarn’ is a fantasy TV drama starring Ohm Atshar, Benz Punyaporn, and Mint Nutwara.




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