Many new Thai dramas that are just announced this May 2022

This May 2022, many Thai dramas are just announced with the performance of interesting casts.

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Lhom Pud Parn Dao (CH7)

Tik Jesdaporn becomes a drama producer for Thai channel 7 for the first time and will make the drama “Lhom Pud Parn Dao”.

He casts himself to play the main role alongside Aum Patchrapa and Kem Hussawee.

Dung Fah Sin Tawan (CH7)

Chap Varakorn and Mint Pondiva are cast as leads in the new evening drama “Dung Fah Sin Tawan”.

Payak Rai Sorn Lai (CH3)

A handsome young actor Ice Panuwat starts filming his new drama “Payak Rai Sorn Lai”.

Kaen (CH3)

Taew Natapohn admits that she will star alongside her junior actor Nine Naphat in the new drama.

Reportedly, this drama is going to be produced by Anne Thongprasom and the title is “Kaen”.

Unknown Title (ONE 31)

Reportedly, Jes Jespipat will meet Fern Nopjira in the new drama that is going to start filming soon.

Pitsawart Karm Phob (CH8)

Cheribelle Lanlalin becomes a free agent after her contract with ONE 31 expired.

Soon, she will take the main role in the new drama “Pitsawart Karm Phob” alongside Art Phasut and Fai Weluree.

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