Interesting Thai TV Dramas To Watch In February 2020

Several TV dramas plan to premiere on the television in February 2020 with the performance of talented actors and actresses.

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Toong Sanaeha

Starring Top Jaron, Toey Jarinporn, Denkhun Ngamnet, and Tanin Manoonsil, the drama to premiere on 21 February 2020 on Thai TV3.


Vill Wannarot to play a challenging character in a new fantasy TV drama ‘Asorapit’ that plan to air in February 2020 on ONE 31.

Woon Ruk Nakkao

That’s the first time for Andrew Gergson to play a couple with Nune Woranuch. The drama to premiere on 12 February 2020 on PPTV.

Nuer Nai

Several talented actresses perform in this upcoming TV drama including Cris Horwang, Tangmo Nida, Rodmay Kanuengnij, and Due Arissara. The drama to premiere on 10 February 2020 on GMM 25.

Bpai Hai Tueng Duang Dao

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Cris Horwang to play a couple with Aum Atichart for the first time in this new TV drama. The drama to premiere on 03 February 2020 on ONE 31.

Turn Left Turn Right


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A new TV series ‘Turn Left Turn Right’ to premiere on 02 February 2020. The drama stars Nanon Korapat, Beam Kaewee, Singto Prachaya, Pang Ornjira, and more.

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