12 Thai Dramas Remakes From K-Dramas

Every year, many new dramas are remade from the old versions but some of them have been remade from Korean dramas.

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In the list below, you’ll see 12 Thai dramas that remade from K-dramas.

1. Princess Hours (Tao Sethapong and Pattie Ungsumalynn)

2. Coffee Prince (Mac Weerakaniz and Maxine Intiporn)

3. Autumn In My Heart (Tik Jesdaporn and Aom Sushar)

4. Full House (Mike D. Angelo and Aom Sushar)

5. Oh! My Ghost (Pae Arak and Noona Neungtida)

6. Secret Garden (Ananda Everingham and Baifern Pimchanok)

7. My Girl (Pae Arak and Esther Supreeleela)

8. My Love From Another Star (Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee)

9. Voice (Andrew Gregson and Pancake Khemanit)

10. Tunnel

11. A Love To K… (New Chaiyapol and Vill Wannarot)

12. You’re My Destiny (Bie Sukrit and Esther Supreeleela)

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