“Wanthong” and more nominated in ‘Popular Thai Drama’ at ‘Maya Awards 2021’

“Wanthong” and more nominated in ‘Popular Thai Drama’ at ‘Maya Awards 2021’.

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Jark Sadtroo Soo Huajai

The first drama nominated for this award is “Jark Sadtroo Soo Huajai” starring Mik Thongraya and Aum Patchrapa.

Piphob Himmaparn

Following by the fantasy drama “Piphob Himmaparn” with the performance of Louis Scott and Yam Matira.

Barb Ayuttitham

Airing on Thai TV3, “Barb Ayuttitham” starring Boy Pakorn and Gina Yeena also nominated in this award.

Oum Ruk Game Luang

With a great storyline, “Oum Ruk Game Luang” with the performance of Pong Nawat and Kob Suvanant comes to the list.

Roy Leh Marnya

Starring Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee, “Roy Leh Marnya” nominated in this award, too.

Wong Wien Huajai

Got wonderful feedback from viewers, “Wong Wien Huajai” starring Porshe Saran and Now Tisanart nominated for ‘Popular Thai Drama’ as well.

Kaew Lerm Korn

A period drama “Kaew Lerm Korn” starring Kang Vorakorn and Green Ausadaporn is also on the list.

Leh Luang

Just finished airing on ONE 31, “Leh Luang” received great feedback from the audiences.

This drama stars Jes Jespipat, Pooklook Fonthip, and Cheer Thikumporn.

Wasana Ruk

Starring Ice Panuwat and Nychaa Nuttanicha, “Wasana Ruk” nominated for ‘Popular Thai Drama’ at this award.


The last drama on the list is “Wanthong” starring Pong Nawat and Mai Davika.

This drama is so popular when airing on ONE 31.

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