Thai TV Dramas And Movies With Perfect Casting Choices

What Thai TV dramas do you think to have the greatest casting choice? The article contains 3 Thai TV dramas and movie with perfect casting choices.

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1. Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew

The audiences admire this drama for the perfect cast because Baifern Pimchanok and Saint Suppapong, who played ‘Nira’ or ‘Chananthawat’, can pass as twins.

2. Brother of The Year

In the movie, Yaya Urassaya plays ‘Jane’ who is a younger sister of Sunny Suwanmethonont. When ‘Jane’ was a teenager, Nong Ally played this character. She really looks like Yaya Urassaya.

3. Thong Nuea Kao 

For this popular TV drama, a character ‘Wanchaloem’ played by 3 child actors including Nong Yorch Yongsin, Nong Mac Nattapat, Nong Melik, and the actor James Jirayu.

They all can pass as brothers in real life.

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