Many Thai Movies, TV Series, And Dramas Are On Netflix

Many Thai movies, TV series, and TV dramas are on Netflix now

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1. Bad Genius

This high school movie was so popular in 2017 and earned 42.35 million US dollar. The movie starred Non Chanon, Aokbab Chutimon, James Theeradon, and Oom Eisaya.

2. Hormones The Series

‘Hormones The Series’ was a teen TV series in 2013 starring several young actors and actresses including Tor Thanpob, Kao Supassara, Punpun Suttata, March Chutavuth, and many others.

3. Wayu Tape Payut (Monkey Twins)

It’s the Netflix original TV drama starring Tono Pakin and Maprang Alrisa.

Other Thai TV series and dramas on Netflix are O-Negative, Club Friday To Be Continued, Club Friday The Series 6, In Family We Trust, Bangkok Love Stories, Oh My Ghost Thai Version, Dairy Tootsies The Series, and Namthaa Kammathep.

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