Thai drama news of the week: Rak Kaew, Proa Ruk, Mae Krua Kon Mai

Thai drama news of the week: Rak Kaew, Proa Ruk, and Mae Krua Kon Mai.

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Mae Krua Kon Mai

On April 06, “Mae Krua Kon Mai” will air the last episode on Thai TV3.

Starring August Vachiravit and Namfah Thunyaphat, this drama received great feedback from the audience.

On episode 24, this drama reached ratings of 5.8 percent.

Rak Kaew

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With the performance of Cris Horwang, Louis Scott, Peach Pachara, and Kao Supassara, a new drama “Rak Kaew” starts the filming.

Also, the drama producer Dj Chod shared the photos of the leading actress with other casts on the official Instagram.

Proa Ruk

Thai TV3 drama “Krao Ruk” starring James Ma and Pie Rinrada has changed its name to “Proa Ruk” (English title: Because of Love).

Lately, the casts of this drama join the costume fitting and will start filming soon.

Working together for the first time, James Ma and Pie Rinrada have lovely chemistry.

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