12 New Thai TV Dramas That Remade From Chinese And Korean TV Series

The following is the list of 12 new Thai TV dramas that remade from Taiwanese, Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean TV series.

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Voice (TRUE 4U)

‘Voice’ was a high viewership rating Korean TV series in 2017. In a Thai version, the drama stars Andrew Gregson and Pancake Khemanit and to air on 04 November 2019.

Turn Left Turn Right (GMM 25)

This drama is remade from a 2003 romance Hong Kong-Singaporean movie. You will see the performance of Singto Prachaya and Pat Chayanit in a Thai version.

Boss & Me (ONE 31)

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‘Boss & Me’ is a 2014 Chinese TV series. This drama is filming as a Thai version starring Dj Push and Aom Sushar.

Another Miss Oh (TRUE 4U)

‘Another Miss Oh’ is a 2016 Korean series. The drama is remade into a Thai version by TRUE CJ Creations (Thai & Korean Collaboration) starring Yong Anusorn and Green Ausadaporn.

In Time With You (PPTV)

‘In Time With You’ is a 2011 popular Taiwanese TV series. In Thai version, Pae Arak and Mo Monchanok play the leading roles.

Deja Vu (ONE 31)


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‘Deja Vu’ is producing into a Thai version with the performance of Pong Nawat and Esther Supreeleela. The original version was aired in 2013 in Taiwan.

Chun Cheu Bussaba (ONE 31)

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The drama is remade from a 2005 Korean TV series ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’. Bee Namthip and Film Thanapat play the leading roles in a Thai version.

My Sassy Girl (TRUE 4U)

‘My Sassy Girl’ is producing into a Thai TV drama by Halo Entertainment starring Kaew Jarinya and Best Nathasit. The original version was a popular Korean movie in 2001.

Let’s Fight Ghost (TRUE 4U)

The drama is remade from a 2015 Korean TV series ‘Bring It On, Ghost’. Saint Suppapong and BNK48’s Orn play the leading roles for a Thai version.

Who Are You: Tur Kon Nun Keu Chan Eek Kon (GMM 25)

The original version is a 2015 Korean TV series starring Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim So Hyun, and Yook Sung Jae (B2B). In a Thai version, you’ll see Krist Perawat, Kay Lertsittichai, and Namtan Tipnaree play the leading roles.

Boy Over Flowers (GMM 25)

GMM TV announced that the production will remake this popular TV drama in 2020 but the cast hasn’t revealed.

I Need Romance 3 (TRUE 4U)

‘I Need Romance 3’ is a 2014 Korean TV drama and producing into a Thai version by TRUE CJ Creations starring New Thitipoom and Pancake Khemanit.


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