Thai TV dramas that have season 2 and more

Here is a list of Thai TV dramas that have season 2 and more.

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Sao Noy Nai Takieng Kaew

A fantasy TV drama “Sao Noy Nai Takieng Kaew” aired in 2002 and got very great feedback from the audiences.

TV drama starred Poh Nattawut and Katreeya English.

Season 2 of this TV drama aired in 2004 starring Tle Tawan, Poo Praya, and Kwan Usamanee.

In 2012, season 3 titled “Arsoon Noy Nai Takieng Kaew” aired on television. Off Chanapol, Baifern Pimchanok, and Tubtim Anyarin played the leads.

Season 4 of this TV drama titled “Por Mod Jao Sanae” aired in 2018 starring Donut Phattharapon and Pim Pimprapa.

Kom Faek

Due to the great feedback of “Kom Faek” that aired in 2008, season 2 titled “Rook Kard” was produced and aired in 2009.

Poh Nattawut and Nune Woranuch played the leads in both seasons.

Mongkut Dok Som

Starring Aun Witaya and Gybzy Wanida, “Mongkut Dok Som” aired on Thai TV3 in 2010.

Season 2 of this TV drama titled “Dok Som See Thong” aired in 2011 on Thai TV3 with the performance of Chompoo Araya.

Now, season 3 of this TV drama is producing but the cast has changed from Chompoo Araya to Ploy Chermarn.

Also, this TV drama will be aired on Thai channel 8.

Raeng Ngao

Janie Thienphosuwan played 2 different characters in the 2012 TV drama “Raeng Ngao” alongside Ken Phupoom.

Season 2 of this drama titled “Raeng Ngao Raeng Kaen” aired in 2019.


Taew Natapohn showed her great acting skill in the 2016 TV drama “Nakee” and got awesome feedback from the audiences.

This TV drama had season 2 in 2018 but it was a film starring Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya.

The leading actors from season 1 also appeared in this season.

Toong Sanaeha

Starring Top Jaron and Toey Jarinporn, “Toong Sanaeha” got great feedback when airing in early 2020.

“Vasana Ruk”, season 2 of this TV drama, aired in August 2020.

Ice Panuwat and Nychaa Nuttanicha played a couple for the first time in this TV drama.


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This TV drama will have season 2 in 2021 with the performance of Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee.

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