Thai TV Drama Titles With The Name Of Flowers

Have you ever noticed that the name of flowers includes in the Thai drama titles?

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The list contains 3 Thai TV drama titles with the name of flowers.

1. Klin Kasalong

In a TV drama ‘Klin Kasalong’, Yaya Urassaya played as ‘Kalaslong’ and ‘Songpee’. Kasalong is a Northern Thai language that refers to the flowers of Indian cock tree.

2. Dok Som See Thong

In 2011, Chompoo Araya played as ‘Raeya Wongsawet’ or ‘Fah’ in a TV drama ‘Dok Som See Thong’. Dok Som is orange blossom in Thai language.

3. Dok Kaew

In 2011, Mai Davika played a TV drama ‘Dok Kaew’ and her character name was the same as the drama title. Dok Kaew is orange jasmine in the Thai language.

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