Several Thai Stars Spend Their Christmas Day With Their Lovers

On 25 December 2018, it’s a Christmas Day and several Thai stars celebrate this happy day with their lovers.

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Some of them spend their Christmas Day in Thailand but some are traveling together in Europe and have a great day there.

Sweet couples spend their Christmas together are in the list below:

– Fluke Jira and Apple

– Noona Nuengtida and Joonior The Star

– Toomtam The Star and Yingying

– Tom Room 39 and his wife

– Lydia Sarunrat and Matthew Din

– Nana Rybena and Way Thaitanium

– Koen K-Otic and his boyfriend

– Kitkong Khamkrith and Drarpda Sotthipitak

– Kwan Usamanee and Hi-So Patrick

– Bie KPN and Gubgib Sumonthip

– Toon Bodyslam and Koy Ratchawin

– Gyp Pokchat and Bos Puttipong

– Ken Phupoom and Esther Supreeleela

– Dan Worrawech and Pattie Ungsumalynn

– Fang Dhanantorn and Wan Thanakrit

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