4 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Play The New Characters They Have Never Acted Before

The new character is what the actor and actress want because they can show their acting skills. We will show you 4 Thai stars who play the new characters they have never played before this year in the list below.

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In a new TV drama ‘Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew’, Baifern Pimchanok plays as a transgender woman for the first time.

In a new TV drama ‘Krung Karm’, Bella Ranee Campen plays a hard character that she has never played before since she debuted.

March Chutavuth plays a new character in a TV Series ‘Club Friday The Series 10 – Khon Tee Mai Yom Rub’ alongside Mo Monchanok.

James Theeradon plays as Love, a girl who magically transforms into a boy, in a new TV series ‘Great Men Academy’.

Photo: baifernbah | marchutavuth | bellacampen


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