Thai Celebrities Attend Fashion Shows Abroad Earlier This Year (Part 1)

Many fashion shows have been held earlier this year overseas with the appearance of many celebrities around the world.

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Among all of them, Thai stars also attend the events there.

Kimmy Kimberley

A bride-to-be Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas joins Dior Women’s Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 at Paris Fashion Week.

She looks stunning wearing a black dress.

Bella Ranee

As a Thai friend of Fendi, Bella Ranee lately attends Fendi Women’s Fall Winter 2023 at Milan Fashion Week.

The top actress is so beautiful at the show and she meets many celebrities from different countries.

Bright Vachirawit

Bright Vachirawit, Burberry’s first ambassador in the South Asia Pacific region, attended the brand’s Fall Winter 2023 Fashion Show at London Fashion Week.

At the show, he appeared with a black look and captured the audience’s attention.

According to the source, with his attendance, the handsome actor/singer generated $1.9 million in MIV (Media Impact Value) for Burberry.

Congratulations to all for their successful careers!

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