Thai Stars Reveal About Their Favorite Artists

5 Thai stars reveal about their favorite artists.

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Peach Pachara

The actor opens up with the reporters that his favorite artist is Blackpink’s Rosé. 

Taew Natapohn

The actress reveals that she is into the performance now. So, her favorite artist is Beyoncé.

Taew hopes that she will join her concert one day because she admires her so much.

Bank Thiti

A young actor says that he is a fan of Blackpink’s Jennie. He always follows and is waiting for her new projects.

Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut

Mew Suppasit admits that his favorite artist is Stamp Apiwat. He likes his singing and the style of his songs.

For Gulf Kanawut, he admires Joaquin Phoenix, the actor from a movie ‘Joker’.

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