Thai TV Shows With The Appearances of Popular Stars

After watching Thai drama, you’ll want to know the actors and actresses more and more. Here is the list of 6 TV shows that invite popular celebrities to talk or play the game.

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1. 3 Zaap

It’s a TV show produced by Polyplus Entertainment. Ma Ornapa, Kalamere, and Chompoo Araya are TV show hosts. Many famous Thai actors and actresses attend the show to promote their TV dramas or talk about their works and loves.

A show broadcasts every Sunday at 1 PM on Thai TV3.

2. Hollywood Game Night

It’s a show that invites many popular stars to play a funny game. A show airs every Sunday at 06.20 PM on Thai TV3.

3. Dara Pah Ruay

This is a game show that airs every Sunday at 03.45 PM on ONE 31. Many popular actors and actresses under ONE 31 will join this show.

4. I Can See Your Voice Thailand

‘I Can See Your Voice’ is a popular show which invites the popular singers to guess seven mysterious singers. A show airs every Wednesday at 08.05 PM on Workpoint.

5. The Mask Singer Thailand

It’s a famous singing competition show that audiences like the most in Thailand. The show broadcasts every Thursday at 08.05 PM on Workpoint.

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