Thai TV3 Plans Massive Projects For 2019

Thai TV3 plans massive projects of TV dramas for next year and stars by several popular actors and actresses.

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The first big project is a TV drama ‘Toong Sanaeha’ starring Tanin Manoonsil, Denkhun Ngamnet, Top Jaron, and Toey Jarinporn.

Next, a TV drama ‘Wassana Ruk’, that continues from ‘Toong Sanaeha’, will star by Ice Panuwat and Nychaa Nuttanicha.

TV Scene to produce a hot TV drama ‘Chai Pessaya’ and cast Pong Nawat to play the main character. For Broadcast Thai Television, P’ Nong Arunosha to remake a popular TV drama ‘Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma’ and cast Pope Thanawat as a male lead.

Another remade drama ‘Song Sanaeha’ will star by Ken Phupoom and Bella Ranee. The drama will be produced by Maker Group.

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