Upcoming Thai TV Drama For September 2018

In this September 2018, there are several TV dramas plan to be aired on Thai television with the performance of popular actors and actresses likes Tik Jesdaporn, Toey Pongsakorn, Namtarn Pichukkana, Mew Nittha, Susi Susira, Dan Worrawech, and many others.

1. Praksit Kammathep

This new drama starring Toey Pongsakorn and Namtarn Pichukkana will be aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.25 PM after the current TV drama Nang Barb finishes airing on Thai TV3.

2. Dauy Rang Atitharn

This drama completed its filming last month. The main casts are Tik Jesdaporn, Mew Nittha, Namfon Patcharin, and many others. It will be aired soon on Thai TV3 this September.

3. Maya Pitsawat

The drama revealed its teaser yesterday and it was really interesting. The main casts are Susi Susira, Dan Worrawech, Jes Jespipat, Chin Chinawut, and many others. It will release soon on ONE 31 channel.

Photo: namtarnfc_official | bung_lakorn | fc_danwd

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