The Beloved Star of The Year (Group 3)

Several Thai celebrities had busy schedules filming dramas, collaborating with famous brands, and attending events in Thailand and other countries last year.

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Local and international fans love them all.

Today, February 17th, we’re opening the nominations for Group 3 of ‘The Beloved Star of The Year.’

The list includes the names of the celebrities who have been nominated.

  • Tor Thanapob
  • Au Kittipon
  • Mark Prin
  • Kimmy Kimberley
  • Blue Pongtiwat

  • Meena Rina
  • Perth Tanapon
  • Nanon Korapat
  • Pavel Naret
  • Billkin Putthipong

Voting Mechanics

  • Please choose one celebrity from the list to cast your vote.
  • You can vote multiple times, as this is an unlimited poll.
  • The top 5 stars with the highest number of votes will move on to the finals.
  • The poll will be closed on February 28, 2024, at 3 PM (BKK).
  • Thank you for participating!


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