Tik Jesdaporn, Kem Hussawee, and Aum Patchrapa are reportedly the main leads in the new drama

Aum Patchrapa will make a comeback after 2 years in the new drama “Lhom Pud Parn Dao” alongside Tik Jesdaporn and a popular young actor Kem Hussawee.

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Reportedly, Tik Jesdaporn, a producer of Dreamer Society Creation, will make this drama by himself.

That’s the first time for Tik Jesdaporn to be a drama producer for Thai channel 7.

Noticeably, Tik Jesdaporn reunites with Aum Patchrapa after 18 years.

Their latest drama “Nang Sao Jing Jai Kub Nai San Dee” was aired in 2004 on Thai channel 7.

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