Toey Jarinporn Talks About Her Relationship With Alek Teeradetch

Toey Jarinporn talks about her relationship with Alek Teeradetch in a new interview.

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“For this new year, it’s not like other years because I normally don’t accept the work but this year I’ll work on the countdown days. I won’t have a moment with him on that day,” Toey says.

“On January 2019, we will travel together to Japan and Taiwan. I don’t know he will work on the countdown day or not. I plan to go to Taiwan for 4-5 days but I’ll go to Japan for many days because my new TV drama hasn’t started filming,” she adds.

“For my relationship with him, we continuously learn about each other. We just know each other for a short time and I don’t adjudge whether he is this or that kind of person. He is lovely but we have to adjust to each other. My family is ok with it. He respects my decision. He is a lovely person and always talks jokingly with my family member,” the actress reveals.

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