The Top 10 Most Favorite Fashion Style of Thai Celebrities

In recent days, Nine Entertainment announced the result of the most favorite everyday fashion style of Thai celebrities.

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Photo: [email protected], annethong, urassayas

The first place goes to a queen of the Thai entertainment industry Anne Thongprasom with 24.58%.

A cute actress Yaya Urassaya Sperbund gets the second place with 13.57%. Following by Bella Ranee Campen for the third place with 10.77%.

Other Thai celebrities in the list are Nadech Kugimiya (10.45%), Aum Patchrapa (10.06%), Chompoo Araya (8.78%), Mai Davika (5.83%), Boy Pakorn (5.35%), Weir Sukollawat (3.11%), and Aff Taksaorn (2.15%).

Congratulations on all Thai celebrities in the list above.


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