The Top 5 Thai TV3 Actresses of 2019

With the great performance and outstanding beauty, Thai TV3 actresses are on top of the list in the industry. Let see the top 5 Thai TV3 actresses of 2019.

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1. Bella Ranee 

In 2018, Bella Ranee made a big hit TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’ with Pope Thanawat. This year, she is back with another great drama ‘Krong Karm’ with Phet Thakrit, James Jirayu, August Vachiravit, and many others.

2. Yaya Urassaya

Yaya Urassaya maintains her popularity and is always on the top list. This year, she will be back with another level of performance by playing as twins in a new TV drama ‘Klin Ka Salong’.

3. Taew Natapohn

Taew Natapohn immediately moved to the top list after her big hit TV drama ‘Nakee’ showed on the television. She is currently filming a TV drama ‘Leh Bunphakarn’ with James Jirayu.

4. Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas

In early 2019, she makes a hit TV drama ‘Thong Aek Mor Yah Tah Chalong’ with Mario Maurer. Kimmy Kimberley is filming a new remade TV drama ‘Dung Duang Haruetai’ with Tik Jesdaporn.

5. Mew Nittha

This year, her drama hasn’t aired on the television but her popularity is still the same. Mew Nittha is shooting a new drama ‘Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee’ for her senior actress Anne Thongprasom.

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