Top 5 Female Celebrities Who Have Won Many Awards

Awards is worth to all Thai actresses, who work in Thai entertainment industry. Below are top 5 female celebrities, who have won many awards after showing their great acting playing TV dramas and movies.

1. Yaya Urassaya

Playing TV drama for 10 years, the actress got 72 awards from different awards ceremony programs.

2. Aum Patchrapa

She is a legend Thai actress with talented and beauty. For 21 years working in Thai entertainment industry, she has won 92 awards.

3. Anne Thongprasom

With her great acting, Anne has won 85 awards after working for 27 years.

4. Chompoo Araya

Everyone knows her as an actress and fashionista in Thailand. For 20 years working in this industry, she has won 51 awards.

5. Nune Woranuch

Another talented actress, who has won 52 awards after working for 21 years.

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