The Top 5 Queen of Commercials In The Thai Entertainment Industry

The following is the list of the top 5 queen of commercials in the Thai entertainment industry.

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1. Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

Working in the industry for 10 years, she has been crowned the queen of commercials.

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund has signed with various local and the international brands as a brand ambassador for different 210 commercials with variety of products including drink, cosmetic, toothpaste, smartphone, food, shampoo, and many others.

2. Aum Patchrapa 

The second place goes to Aum Patchrapa with 113 commercials.

3. Pancake Khemanit 

Pancake Khemanit is also popular for brands and has 100 commercials.

4. Mai Davika 

The fourth place comes Mai Davika with 74 commercials.

5. Chompoo Araya

The last spot is Chompoo Araya with 73 commercials.

Photo: IG luckysevenb | khemanito | aum_patchrapa


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