3 Interesting New TV Series From GMM 25 This Year

This year, GMM 25 are producing many TV series that will air on the television soon with the performance of the talented actors and actresses.

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1. Mae Mod Jao Sanae

It’s a comedy TV series starred Shakrit Yamnam and Vill Wannarot.

2. Fleet of Time

The series starred young actors and actresses Bank Thiti, Pattie Ungsumalynn, Victor Chatchawit, Best Nathasit, and many others.

3.  Bangkok Buddies

Pearwah Nichaphat takes a leading role in this series with many other young actors.

What TV series from GMM 25 are you waiting for this year?

Photo: kate_sonthichai | pattieung | bank_thiti | nichaphatc


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