New Project TV Series Of GMM TV For 2020

Lately, GMM TV has revealed various new project TV dramas and series for 2020 with the performance of young talented actors.

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The following is in the list of GMM TV series for next year.

2gether The Series

It’s a boys’ love TV series that adapted from a novel starring Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin.

Wake Up Ladies 2: Very Complicated

The season 2 of a TV series ‘Wake Up Ladies’ is coming back soon in 2020 starring Pompam Niti, Jakjaan Akhamsiri, Ice Apitsada, Ae Maneerat, Namtan Tipnaree, and Pok Piyatida.

Devil Sister: Ruk Kong Nang Rai

The series adapted from a novel starring Punpun Sutatta and Pluem Purim.

Girl Next Room: Hor Nee Chanee Jaem

This series is also adapted from a novel starring Toyy Pathompong, Mook Worranit, and more.

Who Are You: Tur Kon Nun Keu Chan Eek Kon

It will be remade from a popular Korean drama ‘Who Are You: School 2015’. The drama stars Krist Perawat, Namtan Tipnaree, and Kay Lertsittichai.

Girl 2K

It’s comedy, romance, and fantasy TV series starring Aom Sushar, Off Jumpol, Toyy Pathompong, and more.

The Shipper

It’s another boys’ love TV series starring First Kanaphan, Ohm Pawat, and more.

Military of Love

The drama stars Krist Perawat and Peak Pattarasaya.

Oh My Boss

The series adapted from a novel starring Mook Worranit and Luke Ishikawa.

Friend Zone 2

A season 2 of ‘Friend Zone’ is coming soon with the performance of Pearwah Nichaphat, Singto Prachaya, Lee Thanat, and more.

A Tale of Thousand Stars

A boys’ love TV series starring Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap.

The Gifted Graduation

Boys Over Flowers (F4 Thailand)

The cast hasn’t revealed who will play the leading roles in this remade TV drama.




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