Vill Wannarot Reportedly Has Broken Up With Nong Thana

Talking to the reporters, Khun Mae Ngam Thip has revealed that her sons are all single without any girlfriends, that’s why many people are curious about the relationship between Vill Wannarot and Nong Thana. Interviewing with the reporters, the actor confesses that he is currently single after broken up with the actress because they have no time for each other.

The actor adds that he feels sad because they have been in a relationship for 3 years. The main reason making them apart is time, not a third person.

This couples started their relationship in 2015 even they work under the different labels. Nong Thana, Boy Pakorn’s younger brother, is currently a freelance actor. For Vill Wannarot, she is an actress under ONE 31 channel.

Picture: hanongh, villwannarot


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