Weir Sukollawat Plans To Visit His Mother In America With Bella Ranee

Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee lately attend the event together and has an interview with reporters about their travel plan to America to visit Weir’s mother.

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“I want to go there but it will be next year. I probably go there during a long holiday but she maybe doesn’t have free time,” Weir Sukollawat says.

“If my TV drama completes the filming, I can go there,” Bella Ranee says.

“This year, I haven’t visited her and she talks about it. Next year, if I have free time after a TV drama complete the filming, I’ll visit her alone if Bella Ranee doesn’t have free time,”

“I always invite Bella Ranee because I want her to visit my mother. I haven’t visited her for a year,” Weir Sukollawat adds.

Photo: weir19 | bellacampen

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