Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee Talk About Their First Time They Met

Weir Sukollawat talked about Bella Ranee when he met her for the first time during the interview with GQ Thailand.

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“I met Nong Bella for the first time when we were filming a movie together. She just started working in the industry. I try to talk to her about this and that but she doesn’t talk much with me,” Weir Sukollawat says.

“I talked jokingly with her sometimes but we haven’t contacted each other often at that time,” he adds.

Bella Ranee also talks about Weir Sukollawat on a TV Show Switch that “I work with him in a movie but it hasn’t released, that’s why people don’t know about it (How they met).”

Photo: bellaclub_pantip | phatchar_swc | bellacampen

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