Weir Sukollawat Gives A Support To Bella Ranee For Being A Guest At Peck Palitchoke’s Concert

From 6  – 8 April 2019, Peck Palitchoke holds a special concert for his fans and Bella Ranee is his beautiful guest for a show.

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On 07 April 2019, the actor shared a photo of Bella Ranee on the stage with a caption “You’re so good, Bella Campen. Thanks to Peck Palitchoke who invites her to share her freshness. There are many Peck Palitchoke’s fans there. Congratulations!”

Bella Ranee immediately replies to Weir Sukollawat that thank you.

They’re really a sweet and lovely couple in the industry.

Photo: phatchar_swc | bellacampen


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