Weir Sukollawat To Play A Couple With Mookda Narinrak In A New Drama

According to the source, Thai Channel 7 to pair a hot actor Weir Sukollawat and a rising actress Mookda Narinrak in a new remade TV drama ‘Marn Bung Jai’.

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This is the first time for Weir Sukollawat and Mookda Narinrak to play a couple. Euro Yotsawat and Noey Paphada also join this drama by playing supporting roles.

The original version was broadcasted on Thai channel 7 in 2000 starring John Ratanavejor and Kob Suwanant.

Please stay tuned for more update about this new version of ‘Marn Bung Jai’.

Are you waiting for this new drama?

Photo: narinnarinrak | weir19


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